A convenient guide to Cerazette mini-pills


The mini-pill is often prescribed as a substitute to combined contraceptive pill as it contains only one artificial female sex hormone known as progestogen. It is considered to be suitable for women who are chain smokers or are above 35 years of age. The reason being, that these women cannot tolerate the effects of combination pills because of the combination of both estrogen and progestogen. This medication does not cause many serious side effects and thus is extremely popular amongst women. However, some women can experience mild side effects such as nausea, breast pain, decreased sex drive, acne and weight gain.

Cerazette mini-pills prevent conception in quiet a similar way to combined contraceptive pill. However, it contains synthetic version of only progestogen, unlike combination pills. The studies show that most of the mini-pills can prevent pregnancy only in two ways, i.e. they are unable to stop the process of ovulation. Cerazette, on the other hand, is the only mini-pill that can prevent pregnancy in three different ways. Desogestrel, the active ingredient of this medication, tricks the body into believe that ovulation has already happened and, thus, no egg is released from the ovaries.

The second step is to thicken the cervical mucous so that the penetration of womb by the sperm becomes difficult. Lastly, it alters the womb lining due to which an egg is unable to attach itself and grow there. Cerazette should be taken for the complete 28 days of the menstrual cycle without any break in between. For greater effectiveness, you should try to take the pill at the same time daily. You should start taking the pill preferably from the first day of your period, but you can also take it till the fifth day of your period. However, in that case you would have to use a secondary protection for the next seven days. You can get free online consultation with registered doctor at TheContraceptivePill.com.


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