Know more about benefits of using Cerazette pills

cerazette-largeCerazette is a progestogen-only pill that prevents women from getting pregnant in a similar way to combined contraceptive pill. As the name suggests, Cerazette progestogen-only pill (mini-pill) contains only one synthetic hormone called progestogen. It has proved to be around 100% effective in preventing unexpected pregnancy. Women, experiencing worrying side effects with combined contraceptive pill, can start taking Cerazette pill as an alternative contraceptive to combined pills. This is because oestrogen hormone is unsuitable for women who are consistent smokers or above the age of 35 years.

A recent study indicates that Cerazette causes fewer side effects, as they do not contain oestrogen. There are many women who experienced side effects such as breast tenderness, water retention and headaches after using combined contraceptive pills. However, after switching to Cerazette pill they saw a significant improvement in their symptoms within three months. This is the only mini-pill that can be taken up to 12 hours late, whereas other mini-pills must be taken no later than three hours late. This makes it more suitable for women who forget to take a pill at the same time every day. Cerazette is also able to stop ovulation and in this way prevent conception, which isn’t always the case with other mini pills. There are millions of women who prever oral contraceptive methods rather than depending on barrier methods such as condoms or cervical caps.

How Cerazette pill works

This medication a synthetic version of progestogen, known as desogestrel, and it prevents you from conceiving in three ways. It stops ovulation so that no egg is not released from ovaries, it also thickens the cervical mucous so that sperm finds it very difficult to enter the womb, finally it prevents the womb lining from thickening so an egg cannot attach and develop.

You should not use this pill if you have a medical history of jaundice, breast cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding, and liver or kidney problems. It is advised to discuss your health with your doctor during your consultation so that you are prescribed a suitable medication. Please visit for more information about contraception; and buying or ordering contraceptive pills online.


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